Jim Kehler kh2d at kuentos.guam.net
Thu Jul 30 22:32:00 EDT 1998

Hi Federico,

> thanks a lot for reminding all of us about that sad story about 
> Europeans pileups.
You're quite welcome. Hopefully, someone may learn something
from it. 

> I have a question for you: now we all know that G landed ops are the
> better of the worst, are you going to pubblish the whole results? I mean,
> who is in the middle of the row and who is in the bottom? (within Europe,
> of course) 

I doubt very seriously that you'd like to see that list. 

> 73, five nine nine - STBE - (Sorry To Be European).
> Federico Ricci, IK4WMB
> Italy, Europe.

The story was about bad OPERATORS, not bad EUROPEANS. 
You don't need to apologize for being European....

73, Jim KH2D

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