[CQ-Contest] RTTY & Field Day 1998

Doug Richardson ve5cma at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 10 08:48:33 EDT 1998

VE5NN The club call of the Regina ARA in Saskatchewan will be on with 
all of SSB, CW and (with the help of VE5SF) RTTY. We don't necessarily 
plan to run the thrid station RTTY all the time, but do plan to be as 
active as RTTY activity will allow. (I guess it's just like choosing to 
S&P or Run... when rates drop off, it's time for a change: So it will be 
with RTTY). HOWEVER: As RTTY becomes a new mode, who knows how much 
activity there will be? Not much if we don't try. 
Perhaps we'll be in for a pleasant surprise and rates will climb, not 
drop. All the Qs you could do before on CW es SSB, PLUS RTTY, PLUS much 
better solar conditions than last year (probably... hopefully). 
Hidden benefit to RTTY: ur able to demo a new mode to others who may not 
have seen it before and who knows who the bug will bite!
VE5CMA Doug Richardson
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Regina SK  Canada  S4V 1V2
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internet: ve5cma at hotmail.com
73 es TTFN de VE5CMA

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