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Jim Stahl k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
Thu Jun 11 01:49:38 EDT 1998

Through a major scheduling screwup, I allowed a family trip to be
arranged for this coming weekend without it registering in my
mind that this was also the June VHF QSO Party weekend.  Anyway,
I will be in Langhorne, PA through Sunday morning, so was
wondering if there are either (1) any guys in the area with some
sort of 6 & 2 meter antennas that might host a guest op for a few
hours, (2) any contest operations that would not be terribly far
away that would welcome a casual visitor, or (3) any contesters
that would just like to get together and show off their stuff to
a visiting midwesterner.
I am planning to bring my new IC-746 along, plus *very* simple
antennas to perhaps get on from my nephew's house if nothing
better materializes.  Which is to say you don't to have VHF rig.
I can be reached from Friday morning on at 215-579-8149.  Also
before noon on Thursday via my other e-mail account,
jimk8mr at aol.com, or my home phone, 216-831-6954.
73  -  Jim Stahl    K8MR

Jim Stahl
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