[CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group expands its turf

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Wed Jun 10 21:53:40 EDT 1998

The Florida Contest Group, sponsor of the newly revived Florida QSO Party
is pleased to announce the expansion of our contesting club.  

We have always welcomed all Florida contesters into our ranks.  The ARRL
rules state that scores used in THEIR affiliated club competition have to
come from within an area with a  175 mile radius circle, and that has meant
that hams in areas like Pensacola have been left out of the fun when it
comes to ARRL events. As always, we welcome any and all Florida contesters
to join our team competitions in events like the North American QSO Party
which does not have the same geographical restrictions. 

Florida does have contesters in the panhandle and we know and wish to
extend to them the comradely that being a member of a contest club can
bring.  In an effort to represent contesters from as much of Florida as
possible, the Florida Contest Group welcomes hams in the panhandle to join
the new 

Florida Contest Group Panhandle Division. 

While not a separate club from the Florida Contest Group, the Florida
Contest Group Panhandle Division will have its own turf with its own 175
mile center so that hams in that part of the state can be a part of the
ARRL's affiliated club competition.  The new circle has a diameter which
essentially parallels the Northern border of Florida, and stretches East
from the West end of Florida's panhandle.

Regional coordinators for the Florida Contest Group will now include a
representative from the Florida Contest Group Panhandle Division. 

If you are a contester who would like to join our club, please contact us,
more than ever - we have what your looking for - join us!

73, GL

Jim, K4OJ

President, Florida Contest Group - visit our website at:


The Florida Contest Group sponsors the Florida QSO Party, check out the FQP


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