[CQ-Contest] More logs dumped from 10M Contest

W2CE W2CE at prodigy.net
Mon Jun 15 16:29:02 EDT 1998

> I think that Billy Lunt or someone up there owes this forum an 
> explanation as to how this sort of thing happened, and what they are 
> going to do about seeing that it never happens again.  
> Bill Fisher, W4AN

Sorry to see you loose out on such a big effort Bill, I haven't had the
problem, but then my scores the last few years are just modest efforts
and are e-mailed when the contest ends and way ahead of any bottlenecks
in Newington.

I was pleased to see the posting of the claimed scores for the SS on the
ARRL Web Page. Not only did it confirm again my logs being received, but
it also gave me something to look for as the 3 top Atlantic QRP stations
were all within less than 1,000 points of each other. 

I think it should be a practise for all contests that incoming logs are
posted to the ARRL Web Page as soon as they are received. Maybe not by
score but by callsign and a designation of the date received. That would
give people the opportunity to at least resubmit before the deadlines if
their score isn't displayed.

The problem of why logs get dropped that are receipted for is another
problem internal to the paper handling at ARRL. At least a posted
claimed list would give everyone including ARRL staff a number of logs
to look for. You can't have 1,200 claimed scores posted and only 1,175
in the final results unless you've got a lot of DQ's

       73, Bob, W2CE


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