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Mon Jun 15 16:40:24 EDT 1998

Back in 1991 I wrote the ARRL with a proposal to add to Field Day the
ablity to work designated "emergency areas" during the event.

The reason I made the proposal was that California suffered a good size
earthquake during the Field Day and no one at our group knew of it as we
were on bands more QSO productive with no propagation to the west coast
at the time.

In our case we were doing the worst possible job to help the area and
made our effort strictly a contest one.

There are plenty of people aware of what bands to operate during a 24
hour period to be able to find propagation to any area of the country. I
believe that there should be a part of Field Day where this is promoted
and that some older guys pass on this talent to the newer hams. Not
everything is always 20 SSB to work everywhere.

I had proposed back then having each callarea corresponding to the
calendar year become the designated emergency area. I suggested a 1 year
trial by having the ARRL FD Bulletin announce the fact and that all
QSO's with a station in the area would receive 1 bonus point with no

Slow speed novice Q's and other bonus topics have been presented this
way before.

Unfortunately over the years I only heard that FD was being looked at
for changes but never that the CAC ever looked at this idea.

I think that Field Day being what it is, and accepted by almost everyone
because of that, even the contest haters, it would be a good move
towards maintaining the integrity of our stated purposed behind Field
Day and keep it from just a contest.

Any comments ?

      73, Bob, W2CE


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