[CQ-Contest] FD Purpose<--Yea!

Lee Buller k0wa at southwind.net
Mon Jun 15 17:36:24 EDT 1998


I like your proposal.  I have thought for several years the FD Event was
missing the boat.  Here is my biggest complaint.  Take a natural disaster
located in Florida....like a hurricane.  What would be the best band, mode,
etc, to communicate with Florida.  What happened if there was a hurricane in
Florida, a tornado in Topeka. and quake in California.  

What is the best band to communicate to those areas.  My idea is to add
multipliers.  Yes, good old multipliers for each band and mode.  Why, maybe
40 meters isn't good to ENY and you need to go to 80 meters.

By adding multiplers (states at least and sections at best) operators would
have to learn where and when to look for certain areas.  It just makes sense
and it would be a little more challenging  to operators....not just mind
numbing Cq FD.

It will never....NEVER....happen.  To radical.  FD is no longer and event,
it is an institution.  I was surprised they allowed the digital mode.

Just some rapid, incoherent thoughts, rambling thoughts....

Lee Buller
k0wa at southwind.net

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