[CQ-Contest] 2 radio audio mixing?

Dale L. Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Jun 15 17:30:36 EDT 1998

>Barry...you are making this WAY too hard...
>Audio from left rig and right rig go to a rotary switch, 3
position, two
>The "left of center" position is left rig audio in BOTH left and
right ears
>The "center" position is left rig in left ear, and right rig in
right ear
>(your desired scenario in the world of I can do two things at
>The "right of center" position is right rig in  BOTH left and
right ears

Jim, et al,

I use a 12 position rotary switch.  Each position, in sequence,
is left, both, right, etc.  That way, the switch is never more
than one position from where I want to be next.

I also use LED's to indicate how the audio is switched--I
know...I should be able to tell in what I'm hearing in the
headphones, but after a number of hours, my mind goes kinda weird
and I forget things like that....  can't have too many operating
aids, right?

dale, kg5u
http://www.hal-pc.org/~kg5u -- my station (and my audio/antenna
control box) are on my homepage.

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