[CQ-Contest] FD Purpose

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Jun 15 23:35:57 EDT 1998

it may be easier to expand the bonus points.  maybe something like
having each director initiate a message and give 50 or 100 bonus
points for each message you collect from outside your own division.
or make it crazier and do it by sections and make it 10 or 20 points.
or modify the bonus for originating a message or the one for relaying
messages to give the sender and receiver more bonus points for 
messages sent outside the division or section. 

after all, during a real emergency you wouldn't just be trading a
contest type exchange you would be trading real messages.. something
lots of contest operators rarely do, and i'll bet that 

W2CE wrote:
> Back in 1991 I wrote the ARRL with a proposal to add to Field Day the
> ablity to work designated "emergency areas" during the event.

> Unfortunately over the years I only heard that FD was being looked at
> for changes but never that the CAC ever looked at this idea.
is the cac involved in fd?  i had understood that fd was an 
'operating event' that was handled by a different part of the 
organization but maybe that is outdated now as i rarely follow
the mechanics or politics involved.

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