[CQ-Contest] New reflector

Tree N6TR n6tr at teleport.com
Tue Jun 16 11:52:00 EDT 1998

Announcing a new reflector!  Based upon recent traffic on this 
reflector, it should become popular instantly!

It will be very similar to the existing 3830 reflector.  For those
who are not familar with the 3830 reflector, it is used to report 
your score after the contest.  This allows some people to compile 
a top score listing and you have an idea how you placed before even
sending in your log.

Well, the new reflector will be called 14230 (another popular 
contest frequency).  However, instead of reporting your score 
here after the contest, you need to wait until after the results
are published.  If your score is missing, then you can post it to 14230.

More seriously, I am also aware of efforts being made to improve
the situation at the ARRL.  I can say from my personal experience
of checking logs for small contests like the Sprints and Stew Perry,
that it is a complicated process and something always goes wrong.

I had a few logs for the last Stew Perry that somehow got lost - despite
my efforts to automate the process as much as possible.  

Obviously - there are some big problems with the recent 10 meter
results.  The number of stations complaining of missing scores is
much larger than I can remember for any other contest.  This is really
sad - and even worse when you consider the ARRL is getting a black
eye over the issue - just when they are taking positive steps to 
improve their process.

Hopefully the ARRL can do something to correct the 10 meter results,
but as far as demanding that things change - they already have.  We
just need to give the changes some time to be implemented and bare 

73 Tree N6TR
tree at contesting.com

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