[CQ-Contest] Collins SSB mechanical filters in SignalOne Milspec 1030CI

Marko Munih marko at robo.fe.uni-lj.si
Wed Jun 17 10:46:25 EDT 1998

Has there somebody had a chance to use SignalOne Milspec 1030CI

1030CI have 16-pole filtering with two mechanical filters in 455 kHz
plus 8 poles more in 9 MHz IF, together 24 poles in those two IF. 
According to specifications this gives shape factor 1.4
at 2.1 kHz original bandwidth.

I am curious what is the effect of that on crowded, QRM poluted
bands, how does this compare to INRAD 2.0 kHz pair of filters
and to stock normal bandwidth (in 781).

Any first hand experiences? You may reply directly.

Marko, S50k

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