Mikael Westerlund sm3jla at algonet.se
Thu Jun 18 13:46:17 EDT 1998


After many years of strange flow control problems between my computer and my TNC  i just discover a construction bug. It seems that the RTS is connectect to pin 20 in RS232  connector ( DTR ) I should be pin 4 instead. Cutting the folie and a jumper solved the problem.

It´s nice to be able to run N6TR wit  full RS232 cable again. As well as other softwares

( my TNC is a very old on and i´m sure this is corrected in newer models)

Weather you can find this error on other old TNC TAPR modems i don´t know but it´s easy to check if you
think the flow control sucks !

Mike / SM3JLA

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