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Thu Jun 18 11:38:28 EDT 1998

On 6/14/98 4:35 PM, Bill Fisher, W4AN at w4an at wrote:

>My idea is to have a 10 unit team.  This gives a small club like ours the
>ability to compete with a larger club such as the PVRC.  Yes we will still
>lose, but it wont be because of sheer numbers of entries.  
>Team Challenge competition...  Ten Unit team.
>#1:  Multi-Multi - No limitations
>#2:  Mutli-Single - No limitations.
>#3:  SOAB Unassisted - No limitations.
>#3:  SOAB Unassisted - No limitations.
>#4:  SOAB Assisted - No limitations.
>#5:  SOAB Unassisted - Limited to one tower
>#6:  Ditto
>#7:  Ditto
>#8:  SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower
>#9:  SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower
>#10: SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower

Hey, Bill, where's the slot for SOAB Low Power - limited to ZERO 
towers...? <grin>

>The bottom of the list is weighted with more restrictions since their
>scores will probably not be as big of an impact on the team score.  Yet
>they should be an important part of the winning team.  The winning M/M for
>the contest shouldn't decide this competition.  The idea should be to make
>sure every point on the list is important to winning.  

I agree completely with this principle. And, indeed, in some competition, 
it may be that some of those puny scores make a difference.

However, if you think hard about it, on a point by point basis, the truth 
is that the M/M or M/S score has a higher variability than some of us 
poor LP types. So, say, if NQ4I (a M/M) has to shut down several times 
due to lightning (like happened at the CQWW SSB), it is hard to imagine 
how Roger or I working from our home stations (LP no towers) could make 
up the difference.

I used to wonder why it seemed that many contest clubs all had entrants 
running SOAB HP. Now I think I get it. Its all a matter of getting 
POINTS, regardless of how many hours the entrant manages to get in. 
Despite the greater challenge of running LP or QRP, when it comes to 
supporting the club, maximizing points was first priority. This can make 
a big difference where HP means you can run, but LP means you have to S & 
P the whole time.

It might be nice if there were some "equalization" of some of the slots. 
A small multiplier would amplify the contribution from the more modest 

Also, I don't know if "one tower" is descriptive enough. That includes 
someone's monster 150 foot multi-monobander stack as well as the poor guy 
with a tribander at 35' on a roof tripod.

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