[CQ-Contest] Opinions wanted on HF rigs

Mike & Alicia Fanning fanning at hiwaay.net
Tue Jun 23 20:19:09 EDT 1998

Hi gang - I have been a lurker for some months now, as I don't currently
have a station on the air.  I am wanting to get active again after several
years in drydock.  I am working on putting up my antennas, and have finally
gotten tired of repairing all the problems with my early s/n Icom 751.  I
would like contesters opinions on what HF rig is top of the heap.  I am
interested in semi-serious contesting (city lot with one tower, tribander,
and dipoles), and would like to know what rigs people think are the best
for under $2k, $3k, and unlimited budgets.  Not sure if the XYL will
approve a purchase, but I can at least start researching.  Any input is
welcome - please email me direct to save bandwidth.  I'll gladly post a
synopsis if there is any interest.  Thanks in advance for your help!
73,  -Mike Fanning, K4GU
email: fanning at hiwaay.net

Look for me in FD this weekend!  (first time on in abt 6 yrs)

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