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Guy L. Olinger k2av at qsl.net
Thu Jun 25 00:54:17 EDT 1998


Just a note about why a lot of us use dos based software for contests...
Neither Windows 95/NT or OS/2 have a feature which allows an application
to force attention on a top priority task other than os internal tasks.
Jist of that is if you are using the program to send cw, it can be
jerky, because the os has it's own priorities as to what it needs to be
doing. Fun to watch your os clean up the swap file, while the cw turns

In dos, your contest program is the only game in town and has your
computer's rapt attention.

Another reason is that we can use our old 386 stuff & works great. That
means I can put a computer right at the rig and not worry about crowding
my work (employment) space with ham stuff. Since it's not good for
anything else, doesn't matter if it gathers dust between contests. (Just
remember to set the date/time on it before each contest.)

Not sure if the latest & greatest is changing that, but it sure has been
true until now. (Anybody been able to get smooth cw in TR running in a
dos box?)

73, Guy.

grf wrote:
> I am looking for Win95 contest software.  Any suggestions for a new
> contester?  I am kind of drawn to WroteLog, but still can't decide.
> Tnx.
> Jerry
> K7LY
> <grf at interworldnet.net>

Guy L. Olinger K2AV
k2av at qsl.net
Apex, NC, USA

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