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<< Before computers, people kept handwritten logs, multiplier checklists, and
 dupe sheets.  Handwriting quality varies, particularly when one is hurried.
 Was it not common practice to rewrite the log after the contest?

      How true. Before CT, it took the month before the mailing deadline to
SCORE the dang log. I remember in October and November working on three sets
of logs concurrently getting them ready for submission (CQWW SSB, SS CW and SS
SSB). Working for weeks on the UA calls and mults, checking the DX bulletins
for contest DXpedition efforts with funny callsigns (where the heck ARE those
guys anyway?), etc. were several of the 'challenges' of submitting your log.
Thank you, Kenny, that we don't have to do that drudgery anymore. 
 >>If that's permitted under the rules (and I would argue that it needs to be
 permitted), then the contest isn't over until the log is mailed.
 >>If the contest is over immediately after the contest, then the contest
 should say that.  Since they don't, then log "corrections" are permitted
 under the rules.  Note that I mean by "corrections" that the log should
 contain the QSOs actually made, not that the log should contain entries that
 do not reflect actual contacts made.
>> The rules actually don't require that the log be generated during the
 contest period at all.  >>

      I remember the controversy when the aforementioned CQ Contest Hall Of
Famer did all of his logging after the contest from his tapes. While the rules
don't prohibit it and it did show some cunning and envelope-pushing, it wasn't
a practice that I'm in favor of and would like to see it discouraged. 

    I'm curious on how the CQWW Committee views this. With the sophisticated
log checking now available, this may be somewhat of a moot point. I think that
no matter how much time is spent 'massaging' the logs after the contest, you
still have to have WORKED the stations during the contest period. 

Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC


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