[CQ-Contest] Field Day Lament

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 29 13:05:27 EDT 1998

>During Saturday, I (as a 1D station) probably worked about 100 other
>1D stations.  This was because six meters was in really good shape.
>Anyone who missed operating on six during the FD might want to think
>about having it available next year.  

I have to agree with Tree.  As part of the crew at the WWDXC's 2A (W7FR) 
I know we had a ball on 6 Saturday, even with just 100 watts and a 2 el. 
beam (which was 3 el until the director snapped, luckily it only raised 
the SWR to 1.7:1).  We made I think about 50, maybe 60 QSO's during the 
opening, it was just fantastic.  The 2 main VHF operators of N7MOK and 
KC7DZZ just kept racking up the QSO's for about 2 or 3 hours, when our 
little beam wasn't good enough anymore.

>At any rate - many people were just on exchanging grid squares, but
>added the FD exchange too.  I didn't see any harm in working other
>1D stations and agree that it might help bring them into contesting.
>Feels a lot like working other stations in your own country in the 

I've done a 1D the last couple years, and I never have worked other 
1D's, mostly because I didn't think.  I agree with Tree that there 
really isn't any harm, and it probably will bring more people into 

>Six meters is lots of fun - it is like a contest whenever it opens!

What a great opening that was, as someone who had never seen 6 before!


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