[CQ-Contest] RE:Field day lament

Dan Kovatch w8car at lrbcg.com
Mon Jun 29 18:05:15 EDT 1998

Tom's post made me get out the rules and look.
Class D station may not COUNT other D stations for points-doesn't say
you can't work them-I worked a ton! (I was 1D)

The objective (rule 2 ) states the object is" to work as many stations
as possible on any and all amateur bands"  No mention is made of NOT
working class D stations.

In a real emergency, I assume D stations would work each other ( but not
for points :)

My question is: Do any of the logging programs take it in to account if
YOU set ur program to class D to not score points My 9.xx version of NA

Flame me if you must but as in DX, WFWL. Lots of guys who don't contest
do field day---I'm all for activity or any kind !
73 and CU in IARU

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