Monte Stark ku7y at dri.edu
Mon Jun 29 23:14:33 EDT 1998

Hi Jim & All,

I've heard conversations like this for most of the 45+ years I've been
involved in Amateur radio.

We are the people who should be at the front of new techonlogy, right?
Solid state, SSB, keyers, memory keyers, keyboards, computers and so the
history goes. 

Anything look wrong with that picture yet? Nah... at least most would
NOW say that. But back when all of those things were new, there were
always those who thought they were bad. 

Memory keyers should put you in the multi op class, remember?
Single op should not be able to use a computer to log, remember?

And so time marched on.....

All we are seeing here is the same thing. It's OK to use the older
methods..... score by hand.... correct using the notes you hand wrote in
the margins..... and etc. But don't use the newer tools like computers
with data bases and such.

What's right? Hmmmmmm.....

Is the object to turn in a log that is as free from errors as you can
make it?

Do you really want to bring a smoth bore flint lock to a 600 yds bench
rest match?

Is any of this going to put my little QRP scores into the top ten box?
Nah, I don't think so.

But is sure is fun to watch the same old thing go on for so many years.
And it's also fun to see how so many others feel.

Thank goodness we don't all think the same!

OK, back in my hole....

73,  Ron, KU7Y

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