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Tue Jun 30 11:59:35 EDT 1998

Hi Jim,   Good reply...   
  Maybe we should have a contest that only allowed Straight Keys and paper
logs using ink pens (quill pens prefered) -- however, I think the scores would
be very low and the number of participants would drop to the point that nobody
could tell there was a contest by listening on the bands..   If it's
available, it will be used..

73  Jerry

In a message dated 98-06-29 19:22:52 EDT, jneiger at xtised.com writes:

 My two cents worth:
 For those who so righteously state that the contest is OVER at 2359Z:
 If you had signed up to that maxim 25 years ago, and sent your log in
 "untouched", you most likely were subject to disqualification for
 excessive dupes!  >>

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