[CQ-Contest] Re: When Is The Contest Over

Art & Linda Hubert n2au at lightlink.com
Tue Jun 30 11:48:00 EDT 1998

I would say that no matter how much discussion takes place, it all 
comes down to each individual contester and what he feels morally 
correct when preparing his log for submittal.  Any correction to a log 
after the contest is over is "sanitizing".  We all have our thoughts of 
WHEN we reach that point in "Sanitizing" the logs that we enter the gray 
area of doctoring the logs  (cheating in the non-politically correct 
world). Is listening to a tape recording of the contest any more or less 
sanitizing of the log than comparing it to a database??
 Lets say during a contest you work S79H on three bands but in your 10
 meter log you worked S79S.  You know you really worked S79H (could be
 you made a mistake in copying or he might have made a sending error).
 If you change the callsign, have you sanitized your log or have you
 entered that gray area???  It's your decision.

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