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Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Tue Jun 30 01:59:35 EDT 1998

 Since I wrote the original 'quote', I'll respond here with a couple of
 You are absolutely right that the contest community has been comparing logs
 to data bases for years.  That is PRECISELY my point.  We have that
 technology.  Why in the hell not use it, and let everyone use it -- because
 are going to do so anyway -- and thus level the playing field.  

 There are so many analogies around to compare this with, it's almost a laugh.
 Auto racing began using two-way radios in the 1960's, and you should have
 heard the screams from the guys that didn't have them.  CHEATERS!!
 Nowadays, everyone uses top quality Motorola radios.  There is so much RIGHT
 about pushing the envelope of technology.  Otherwise, we'd be using spark gap
 transmitters on low frequencies to contest and dx with.  That is why there is 
 such a big debate in the NFL about using Instant Replay for making judgement
 calls on plays.  To me, it is absurd to have the technology and not use it.

 To attempt to keep Ham Radio contests in the 'cave-man' era is ridiculous.
 This new stuff is coming along, and the community should figure out how to
 effectively use it.  Legitimately.  Level the playing field for ALL.

 Your comment about "right or wrong, vs. do the contest organizers care" is
 difficult for me to understand.  If you want a debate about "do the contest
 organizers care" then why don't you start one.  THIS debate is about what is
 right or wrong.  I believe it started with K1AR's editorial, and then
 a posting here by W4AN with his comments was provided.  This issue is when 
 does a contest end.  THAT's the debate on this issue.  It obviously has enough
 interest from many folks to have generated a dozen or so responses so far.
It is 
 a GOOD debate, with legitimate issues on both sides.

 Where did you read that someone listens to a 48 hour tape of a past contest? 
 Jim Neiger didn't say that.  Really now, virtually NO ONE will listen to the
 whole contest again.  To suggest otherwise exhibits a poor understanding of
 how people will behave after one of these contests.

 To conclude, I will suggest that NOT ONE RANKING PLACE would change
 in the summary of entries to a contest because guys are allowed or encouraged 
 to clean their logs up after a contest, using the available technology that
we have 
 -- all of it.  Thus in the spirit of what actually happened during a
contest, lets
 clean the logs up, massage the data bases, and 'fix' the call signs, dupes,
 before submitting them.  Everyone can do it, no holds barred, and the field is

 Hell, we've been 'massaging' logs AFTER THE CONTESTS for as long as I've  
 been contesting, and no doubt well before that.  Now that we have some better
 technology, some folks are suggesting that we should not use it....after
the contest.
 I believe it's inappropriate to restrict technology, especially in a technology
 driven activity such as ham radio.  The recent comments by N6TJ, K6KR, and
 W0MU do apply and are most appropriate so far as I am concerned.

 Dale Jones  K5MM

At 11:49 PM 6/29/98 -0000, you wrote:
>Dale, K5MM said:
> > Now, does that mean an operator should be able to compare his logs against
> > a huge database and correct improperly sent/received call signs?  Needs an
> > answer.
>The answer is we have been doing it for years - press F12 - Super Cheat
>Over the years, I have wasted my time on three separate occasions writing
>to contest committees about rules infractions - all three times they were 
>pu pu'ed off.  All three times the infractions were obviously visable by only
>viewing the logs of a particular station. 
>I don't think the discussion should be what is right or what is wrong. I 
>think the discussion should be does anybody who is running a contest
>really care.  
>Personally, I was amazed that anybody takes the time to listen to 48 hours
>worth of audio tapes.  Sounds to me like somebody has been in the basement
>too long.
>73, Jim KH2D

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