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   Theorically speaking, by common sense (and I fully agree) the contest 
   should finish at time end.
   A number of real operating fetures like the connubious between speed
   and correct logging (good ears), to say just one that should be 
   preferred to other "postcontest" activityes, are surely pushing in 
   favour of that.
   Practically speaking, anyway, I don't see how it could be possible
   for everyone....
   to log "online".
   to send logs just at contest ends.
   to pretend by everyone (and from everywere) an E-mail log sending.
   to reduce substantially the actual submission times (remote areas). 
   to force everyone to use the same logging program.
   Until there won't be an easy but objective (nothing left to personal 
   goodwill) way to realize it, I think it's preferable to lead toward
   a very strict log analysys where, at least, everyone can play the 
   same game.

   73, Mauri I4JMY

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