[CQ-Contest] Re: Has the contest ended yet?

Dick Dievendorff dieven at email.msn.com
Tue Jun 30 09:15:30 EDT 1998

I forgot one other incident that is germane.

During WRTC-96, arguably the most-policed contesting event I've ever seen,
one of the contestants suffered a computer failure.  Their log wasn't
available at the end of the contest.  After a heroic effort by K2MM, a
portion of the log was salvaged by piecing together raw sectors on the
computer's hard disk well after the contest was over.

In this case, the contestant received assistance from a computer expert to
get a log submission together.  And the WRTC judges, including the most
respected names in contesting, included that score in with the others. It
was viewed by all as a really unfortunate event, and many (including me)
said a quiet "thanks for not making it me".

But the log was corrected after the contest.  And I don't remember a huge
discussion about whether or not that should be allowed.  The log wasn't in
the top ten, but suppose it had been?

73 de Dick, K6KR

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