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Tue Jun 30 13:51:02 EDT 1998

Very good discussion.  A couple of cases-in-point:

1.  Computer glitch:  I had problems with an erratic clock on an old 8088
machine I was using for logging.  Editing the log was necessary for my own
records, but also to corroborate other logs.

2.  Information missent:  During a recent Sprint, I copied a name as "Nalph".
I asked for a repeat.  Again, it came back "Nalph".  This was on a clear
frequency with a highly readable signal.  Apparently, the morse interface was
truncating the leading dit.  I worked the same station on another band and
received the name "Ralph".  What to do?  I sent in the original and unedited
log with an explanation of what had happened, and also sent an edited log with
Ralph in both entries.  "Nalph", nonetheless, was what was unequivocally

There are certainly many other examples, but I tend to agree with Dan, KL7Y,
that this is not a typing exercise, and most edits, when done with the
intention of clarifying the log, actually reduce the score.  Back in the
pencil and paper era, no one did their logs in ink.  Many recopied their logs
for final submission and certainly some editing and correcting was done.

For myself, I'd rather find and eliminate bad qsos than to have the log
checkers do it.  Log clarification should be encouraged, as we have the
technical means to detect forgeries.  It really comes down to a matter of

Paul, KB8N

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