[CQ-Contest] SCC WW HF RTTY contest proposal

Marijan Miletic marijan.miletic at ijs.si
Mon May 4 23:55:28 EDT 1998

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Slovenia Contest Club intends to organize WW HF RTTY contest with the attached 
rules.  Any suggestions and comments are welcome to S56A at S55TCP.ampr.org.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.
World-Wide HF RTTY Championship

I.  ANNOUNCING: The WW HF RTTY Championship is organized by Slovenia Contest 
		Club and cosponsored by Svet Elektronike Journal.

II.  OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs 
		as possible on HF bands using RTTY Baudot mode.

III. CONTEST PERIOD: 	Last full weekend in August for 24 hours, 
			Starting on Saturday at 12:00 UTC,
			Ending on Sunday at 12:00 UTC.


	1. High Power category (greater than 200 watts output).
        2. Low Power category (less than 200 watts output). 
        3. Single Operator, Single Band.
        4. Single Operator, All Bands. 
        5. Multi Operator, All Bands only.

V. 	BANDS:  80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.

VI. EXCHANGE:	Stations must transmit RST and the last two digits of 
		the year when amateur radio station license has been issued.

	1. One QSO point for contacts within your own country.
        2. Two QSO points for contacts within your own continent. 
        3. Three QSO points for contacts outside your own continent.
        4. One multiplier point for unique two digits number on each band. 
        5. Total QSO points times total of multipliers equals the total                
	   claimed score.

	1. All logs must show: band in MHz or meters, time in UTC, callsign, 
	sent and received exchanges and points claimed.  
	Indicate Multipliers only the first time they are worked on each band.
        2. An overall summary sheet showing the station address and callsign,                                        
	number of QSO, Points and Multipliers worked per each band and total 
	including the claimed score.
        3. Signed declaration that all contest rules and regulations for 
        amateur radio in the country of operation have been observed.
        4. Electronic logs could be emailed to: scc at hamradio.si
        5. Paper logs preferably with diskette could be posted to:
      	   Slovenia Contest Club
       	   Saveljska 50 
	   1113 Ljubljana
           Slovenia, Europe 
        6. All entries must be send no later than October 1st.
        1. Certificates will be awarded to the first, second and third place    
	finishers in each of the operator classes and categories. 
	2. Certificates will be also awarded to the first place finishers in                                      
	each DXCC country, USA and JA call areas. 


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