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Our VHF Club, the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club, has only a few members in Philadelphia, where the club started back in the 50's. We now have more members in Delaware than Philadelphia. The FRC likely has the same situation. At one time, we literally had members in PA, DE, NJ, FL, ME, WA, N CA, S CA, CT, TX, AZ, IN, MD, and NH - a tough stretch to fit into a 175 mile radius.

If we had the ability to use one suggestion that was made, to fit everyone into an area of so many equare miles, we would have had that problem solved. We could have sent off a line from the Phila area down to Florida a couple of inches wide. Two inches wide for 1200 miles of the distance to S FL results in a very few miles of area. We could have made a 2 inch wide line snaking over thru TX, to Phoenix, then onward to San Diego, etc. Wow, that would have solved our problem with the 175 mile rule.

Then there is the 2 meetings a year rule. Hmm, maybe we could change it to an average of 2 meetings per member per year. Good idea, Each of our  local members making 12 meetings a year could offset 5 other members on the west coast that can't make any. Sounds good to me.

73, Harry, W3IIT 


At 02:24 PM 5/13/98 -0400, Zack Lau wrote:

>Ward Silver wrote:


>> Assuming hams form a relatively constant fraction of the total population

>> across the US.  


>I talked with Pete, K9PW about this in regards to VHF contests.

>The big cities form a "black hole."  Lots of people live there,

>but you couldn't figure it out from VHF contest logs.  Serious 

>VHF contesters invariably live in the small towns and suburbs. 

>I don't know of any big city in the USA with a healthy population 

>of big contest stations--Zack W1VT




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