[CQ-Contest]Where are all the hams??

Conrad radman at best.com
Fri May 15 10:47:44 EDT 1998

Larry et al,

Here you go: 

(This is the University of Arkansas at 
Little Rock ARC Call Sign Look-Up)

At the bottom of that page there is a 
"field" for ZIP code. You can change 
the value of that field from the 
default 0100 maximum hits to 5000 
maximum hits allowing for searches in 
very populous areas. (Yes, there are a 
lot of hams in La Jolla!)

Now check this out: WA7BNM reports 
Staten Is. (10314) was no. 1 with 1059 
licensed hams and Palos Verdes (90274) 
was 2nd with 517 licensed hams. Source: 
1994 CQ Amateur Radio Almanac.

If you run those same ZIP codes *today* 
Staten Island has shrunk to 639 hams.
Palos Verdes has dropped to 453 hams.

Sadly, many are Silent Keys... yet, 
I'll venture a good number have headed 
for the "banana belt" states. Florida 
and Arizona would be likely bets. You 
guys in FL and AZ must know the answer, 

Best wishes,

73 - Conrad Weiss - NN6CW

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Hi Conrad- What's the URL for the Zip 
Code-callsign look-up? I remember
there being a lot for La Jolla 92037. 
73, Larry N6NC

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