[CQ-Contest] TS930s

Chris Burbanks g3sjj at btinternet.com
Fri May 15 06:21:19 EDT 1998

Thanks for the replies so far. I assumed the fault was general knowledge.

In the earlier models, a poor quality batch of PCBs were used.  I believe
they had been left oustide and the through plating on the vias eventually
became 0C. To my mind that is a manufacturing error, which should be
rectified by Kenwood. A batch of replacement boards was built a few years
back but now there is no official spares lost at Kenwood Japan.

Doc, good to hear from you. Your brother, Paul, spent many hours here in
Nottingham, soldering up the tph. (I also remember University Radio Stores!)

Cheers, Chris G3SJJ

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