[CQ-Contest] June QST arrives

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Sat May 16 11:47:15 EDT 1998

Instead of flying off to Dayton Friday morning, I decided to swing by the
PO box while out running errands on my day off from work.  I was
pleasantly surprised to find the latest copy of QST.  I guess this means
that there will be lots of copies available at Dayton this weekend.

Front cover photo of KC7RPA operating CW QRP from inside a tent with his
trusty companion, Ripply.

Since this is the June issue and Field Day is in June, there is a lot of
Field Day oriented material.

Field Day:  QRP Field Day Survival Guide; Bidirectional Antennas for
Field Day; Field Day Success at VHF and Above. 

Contest Related items:  Clean Up Your Signals with Band-Pass Filters,
Part 2; Product Review - Alinco DX-77T Transceiver; Hints & Kinks column
- Top-Loaded Delta Loop Revisited; Results - 97 ARRL November Sweepstakes
Phone, and 98 January VHF Sweepstakes.

Other Interesting items:  The OCR (optically coupled regenerative)
Receiver; Home-brewing in the Internet Age.

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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>From Donald I Field" <g3xtt at lineone.net  Sat May 16 18:27:16 1998
From: Donald I Field" <g3xtt at lineone.net (Donald I Field)
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 18:27:16 +0100
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Kachina
Message-ID: <001e01bd80f0$b47f7440$2f3a63c3 at tecra-720cdt>

I have just reviewed the Kachina for one of the UK ham radio magazines (Ham
Radio Today). I didn't get to use it in a major contest, but did use it to
chase some of the recent DXpeditions. I was surprised how good the filtering
is, to say it is 100% DSP, but in marginal situations it compared
unfavourably to my FT-1000D. What I did like was the 1kHz filter option in
CW, which isn't available on most rigs. The user interface takes some
getting used to, as you would expect, but there are some nice features, like
an on-screen band scope. I didn't have the new remote tuning knob - that
would make it easier to adapt to using the Kachina. My major reservation for
contesting is that, at this time, there is no interface to PacketCluster,
CT, etc. I'm sure that will come in due course, but I kind of take it for
granted these days.

That's a very heavily summarised account of my findings of course.

73 Don G3XTT
g3xtt at lineone.net

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