[CQ-Contest] Kachina

Ron Martin kamar at tiac.net
Sat May 16 17:08:32 EDT 1998

There is probably a Kachina type radio in my future.  During contests my
IC-765 is about five feet away from me and the computer screen is about two
feet away.  Virturally all of my contacts are being made from the computer
not in front of the radio.

The turning knob that Kachina will be providing (assuming that it
incorportates the same feel and smoothness of 'Real' radio knob) will bring
the touch and feel of 'scanning and jumping'.  Now if Kachina can make that
darn thing into a Contest Quality radio............I will buy one.

The only reason to keep the radio knobs is tradition and to keep the costs

Ron ............. NU1U

Yes, I like the old traditional knobs....but give me simplicity and a bullet
proof radio for contesting and dxing.

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