[CQ-Contest] re TS930

Chris Burbanks g3sjj at btinternet.com
Wed May 20 23:12:08 EDT 1998

Alan, my TS930 sits on the bench here and hasn't woked for almost two years.
It is an early model and the problem is just as you described. The digital board
has been soldered many times. I would say 95% of all the through holes have
been resoldered. Only those under chips remain unouched. I have approached
 the UK Kenwood agent to try and get Japan to produce a batch of pcbs. That
was about 18 months ago, nothing has materialised.

Maybe we can get some action if there is enough interest worldwide. I told
Kenwood that batch of 100 boards would soon be sold, but I guess that isn't
enough to gain their attention. I would be happy to co-ordinate a lis of potential

I have always rated my 930 and would just love to hear it burst into life again!!

Regards Chris G3SJJ

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