VAST:Re: [CQ-Contest] Contest Ethics - A Case S tudy?

Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff at
Fri May 22 10:07:19 EDT 1998

Hans Brakob:
>>* Entered as Single Operator (indicating they did not use 
>>PacketCluster): WB8RNY, W0VFO, K2MP, N9PQU
>If they only used the cluster to send spots (others, not themselves),
>and not read spots, then this (I think) is legal.  Most (all?) of
>your examples, however, seem to be begging for mults/spotting

Receiving cluster spots or not - spotting yourself or begging for 
missing multiplier, this is an amateur radio means of soliciting Q's 
or mults. But of course if you use CT it is techinically possible just 
 to send spots, nema problema. The real problem is what you send!

Against the rules? Well, IMHO yes.

And two-radio-dilemma what K4JRB mentioned is quite bad as well. It 
happens all the time during the big contests. Of course, if you are 
big gun yourself, it is easier to fight against 2radio op, but being 
small pistol it is much harder to battle against these guys coming to 
your frequency without listening. Especially it was hard during the 
last CQWW 160m CW when I thought some well-known guys have gone 
crazy...( I do not mention any calls here.. ;=) )

73 CU in WPX CW @OH1AF


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