[CQ-Contest] Contest Ethics - A Case Study?

Ward Silver hwardsil at WOLFENET.com
Thu May 21 15:22:39 EDT 1998

> >* Entered as Single Operator (indicating they did not use 
> >PacketCluster): WB8RNY, W0VFO, K2MP, N9PQU
> If they only used the cluster to send spots (others, not themselves),
> and not read spots, then this (I think) is legal.  Most (all?) of
> your examples, however, seem to be begging for mults/spotting
> themselves.

I regularly connect to the cluster while single-op, but I immediately send
the SHOW/NODX command to turn off any spots coming my way.  That way I can
send out spots and support the assisted guys.  After *I* work 'em, of
course :-)

Similarly, if you're running single-band, just turn off spots on that

What we REALLY need here is a log from the node of the operating mode of
each connectee.  This won't stop the "packet pirates" from lurking and
watching for spots, though.  We have a couple of prime perpetrators of
this sort up here in Seattle...they're a lot easier to catch in the act
than they must think they are...

Come to think of it...a careful examination of the perp's log against the
node's spot *input time* would show a fairly strong correlation.  Enough
for a well-placed DQ from time to time...

73, Ward N0AX

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