[CQ-Contest] Re: [TowerTalk] Major changes at Hy-Gain

Dennis Alexander w5ku at iamerica.net
Thu May 21 00:24:53 EDT 1998

I just bid 9 antennas from Hygain, AES, HRO, Texas Towers: Guess who was
lowest? It was not Hygain. 

They still protect their dealers. You can not go by published prices, you
must send for a written quotation.


At 07:22 PM 5/20/98 GMT, bryan at prodistributors.com wrote:
>       Just found out that HyGain made the announcement at Dayton that
>they will now be selling antennas and other equipment on a factory
>direct sales basis.  They have installed a toll free number
>(800-898-6723) for factory direct orders.  Also, they have a web page
>at http://www.hy-gain.com with a listing of all the produsts and the
>factory direct prices.
>       When I checked the factory direct prices, they appear to be
>about 10% LESS than prices thru the HyGain dealers.  Examples 
>of prices are TH-11 at $850.46, TH7DX at $639.35, and 204BA
>at $379.53
>        Rotators, VHF, UHF, and other equipment is also included in
>the products that can now be purchased factory direct.
>Bryan W5KFT
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