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Gary Schwartz garyk9gs at solaria.sol.net
Thu May 21 23:06:18 EDT 1998

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Ron Martin wrote:

> Don't think anyone could afford the cost of the one hundred boards once all
> of the retooling costs, manufacturing procedures, kitting procedures,
> redesign of the boards (you know, parts become extinct), new documentation,
> learning curves, etc............Yep, don't think folks could stand the
> price.  Now if the radio was really worth it.....What a  'value added' cost
> that could be.  Good Luck!!!!
> Ron .......... NU1U

I have to agree with Ron on all these points.  I am in the circuit board
assembly business and his points are all right on.  Even if Kenwood were
to sell these at cost, the pricing would probably be outrageous.

A possibly better solution, though risky, would be to find someone with
either a small wave solder or infrared rework station and reflow the
boards again after spraying some water soluable flux on both sides of the
boards.  That might/should take care of any opens in the plated through vias.

I'm not too shocked at hearing these kind of stories considering the
absolutely cheap/lousy/poor quality circuit boards that pass for
electronic products these days.

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