[CQ-Contest] Contest Ethics - A Case Study?

W2CE W2CE at prodigy.net
Thu May 21 15:41:34 EDT 1998

>     A.Single operator. One person performs all transmitting, receiving, 
>       spotting and logging functions. 
>     B.Multioperator, single transmitter only. Those obtaining any form 
>       of assistance such as relief operators, loggers or use of spotting 
>       nets, including PacketClusters. 
>     D.The use of non-Amateur Radio means of communication (eg, 
>       telephone) for the purpose of soliciting a contact (or contacts) 
>       during the contest period is inconsistent with the spirit and 
>       intent of this announcement. 

The intent of the ARRL SS rules seems clear, the use of packetcluster
spotting brings you entry into a mulit-operator class. Where you seek
spots to read or promote your own status on a frequency as a

The extra statements regarding non-Amateur means do not negate the
amateur radio based solicitations, but merely adds to the regulations
that telephone, Internet and other means are not acceptable either.

After some 30+ years of contesting, I am really surprised at some of the
top contesters who have stretched the rules and found ways to thwart
their intent to such extremes. A few short months watching this
reflector has proven some real eyeopeners for me.

The next problem is that no one is there to enforce any rules. Only
contesters as a group can recognize and make note of violations. No one
at ARRL is out on a watch of the bands during a contest. The only time I
ever saw any action was one year when N5AU had a terrible 20 KHz wide
signal and refused everyone asking him to clean it up. I had just worked
Dick, K2MGA, up the band and asked him to listen. With Dick on frequency
I again asked for some consideration, got told off by N5AU again, then I
turned the frequency over to Dick. N5AU have a perfectly clean signal as
soon as Dick signed his call. Does fairness and following the rules have
to happen only when you get caught ?

       73, Bob, W2CE


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