[CQ-Contest] Contesting Ethics

Doug Richardson ve5cma at hotmail.com
Fri May 22 08:58:54 EDT 1998

There are no doubt many things one could do to advance one's cause in a 
contest: Run QRO as QRP; monitor spotting net w/o anyone else knowing, 
and some other more brazen breaches of rules or procedure. 

HOWEVER: What then? Of what value is a QRP sweep in my own mind, when I 
know it was QRO? There would forever be an asterick on that 
accomplishment that diminishes it. A blotch that stains it so badly it's 
worthless or less than worthless. 

HENCE: I'm not too worried about ethics violations because the perps 
have to sleep at night themselves. I sleep fine. We need also some 
perspective in this activity. It's a hobby. There's no money involved 
(prizes); no children will die.  IMHO.

******* CANADA DAY CONTEST IS LOOMING...... July 1st! Both CT and TR 
have provision for Canada Day!!!!  Tons 'o fun and we won't say "eh".

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