[CQ-Contest] Packet Cheating

Ward Silver hwardsil at WOLFENET.com
Fri May 22 09:15:01 EDT 1998

> None of this proves anything.  You can be logged in, having the cluster
> send you spots, and not display them on your screen by selecting the
> appropriate class in CT or NA (TR?).
> 73, Ty K3MM

That's not what I'm talking about - I mean the guy that doesn't log on,
but monitors for spots (and there are programs that let you do just that)
then somehow "magically" appears on frequency within seconds, submitting a
single-op log, of course.

This is not something that can be spoofed except if someone uses your call
to work the spotted station, then manages to put it in your log somehow.
Even a casual review of spots vs. the log would clearly show this

Yes, it's an "empty victory" for the cheater, but also a real
disappointment for the legitimate player who rapidly loses motivation to
go up against these guys year after year.

73, Ward N0AX

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