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Fri May 22 12:19:41 EDT 1998

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Dear Friends,

The issue of contest ethics is an old one indeed.  The issue was =
discussed in the early 70s by the CAC of which I was the 1st call area =
representative.  The disposition of the issue evaded me due to a move =
out of the district.

Have always been a supporter of the CAC putting into print a set of =
contest ethics that would at least provide a template of conduct for =
everyone to consider.  We as contesters have problems, such as illegal =
power, illegal 40 meter phone operation, use of packet cluster when a =
single op etc.  It may be that in this age of indifferance to behavior =
on the air, we should take the initiative and clean up our own.

Any code, however, must have its genesis within the major contest clubs. =
 The existing clubs could perhaps devote a meeting or two discussing the =
problems and the appropriate remedies.  What would come out of the clubs =
would eventually provide substance for the CAC.

I am reminded of the past when a prominent Hartford, CT. club refused to =
accept for club aggregate the score of a member admiringly running high =
power.  That episode had reaching satisfaction for the club and finally =
for the gentleman involved.  The "peer pressure" needed for enforcement =
of a code of conduct lies within the clubs themselves and  with the =
sponsors of the event, but the ultimate decision to comply lies with the =


Natan, W6XR

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