[CQ-Contest] ARRL SS Club Competition

Jack GF Hill, W4KH w4kh at jackatak.theporch.com
Mon Nov 2 16:17:39 EST 1998

Hans (et al)-

> > We have also submitted a recommendation to the ARRL for
> > review of the club category to include the ARRL section 
> > in which the club resides.

> Bad move!
Nope, a GOOD move.... Please READ (more carefully) the suggested 

We *NEVER* suggested that the 175 mile radius be REDUCED to only a 
single section, but for those of us in Tennessee, a state that 
stretches from about 150 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to 
the Mississippi River, we can not include all the members of our Club, 
who live in Tennessee because of this silly rule...

Our suggestion (which has been talked about on the contest reflector 
as well as other forums) is to have the Team Competition *include* 
those members in the 175 mile circle *AND* the home section of the 

Tennessee is barely 120 miles wide, but 1/4 of the way from Nashville 
to New York City is STILL only Morristown, TN, and that is a goodly 
ways from the Tennessee-Virginia Border!

> Heck, we'd have to fire half our members.
And we have to tell a large contingent of our members, people who have 
discovered the joys of contesting through the efforts of our club 
members that they can NOT submit scores to help the Club because they 
live on the wrong side of a silly and arbitrary line....

> The center of our club is
> at Little Falls, MN, and we have members in 4 ARRL Sections (MN, ND, 
> SD, WI) and 2 ARRL Divisions (Dakota and Central).  Parts of Iowa and
> Manitoba probably fall inside our 175 mile circle also.  We just
> haven't recruited any members there.  Please *DON'T* restrict us to
> one ARRL section!
PLEASE, Hans, wipe off those glasses and read again what we are 

The 175 mile circle *AND* the home section of the club...
73, Jack W4KH
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