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Yuri Onipko ut4uz at idirect.com
Mon Nov 2 17:20:34 EST 1998

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: CQ WW CW 1997 results...some analyse

>    If I'm not wrong, a certain mistakes percentage doesn't bring any
>  more to any disqualification, in CQWW. It was before the accurate log
>  checking that the 3% rule existed and could mean that.
You are talking about BAD or BUSTED calls removing, but what we have here is
ALREADY penalized LOG, I mean all these 20% or 30% removed points are after
log checker influence.
My thinking is that the LOG checker can  penalize your LOG more or less
on his own decision. I figured it out after analysing my SSB UBN file and
talking to some of the CQ WW committee guys (I had 9.4% loss after computer
checking and all penalties, and the amount of loss grew up to 13 % after log
checker's decision).
Finally it's right, since we all sign the agreement that the Contest
Committee's descision is final...
73  UT4UZ

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