[CQ-Contest] Unusual contest behavior

vk3ajj vk3ajj at techno.net.au
Tue Nov 3 10:21:38 EST 1998

Dear Reflectees,

It is always interesting to read the various anecdotes / analyses that are
posted to this reflector after the CQWW test.

The big question to flow from the test for me this year is how vr98bg
continues to generate such big pile-ups / test scores.

The strength of his signal is not surprising as I too could build a
competitive station if I had a never ending flow of greenstamps.
Regretfully in this gentleman's case I suspect that station improvements
are being financed by unsuspecting qslers such as myself (now 2 direct
cards / greenstamps - 8 months since the first request and still no reply).

I have seen various posts concerning this guy's qsling practices (most
complaining) with some contestors claiming that vr98bg is very busy with
work and family to catch-up on his qsls?? My view on this issue is simple -
if you are to busy to qsl you can (i) get yourself a qsl manager (ii)
publicise to the dx / contest community that you do not qsl or (iii) do
less contests and utilise the time freed up to answer your cards. In my
view it is not fair to those who send money / ircs in good faith to answer
vr97bg cards when you are vr99bg!!!

I for one will not appear in any future vr98bg contest log until this guy
gets his qsling act together. i urge fellow contestors to do likewise.

Paul (vk3ajj)     

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