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Wed Nov 4 05:44:56 EST 1998

In a message dated 98-11-04 00:17:17 EST, you write:

<<  Sometimes unsolicited qsl cards
 are a real pain in the a_ _!  Especially if you get 2 or 3
 hundred of them. >>

attitude that you exhibit and share with many others, IMHO, is
"selfish and uncaring"!!  Those 2 or 3 hundred QSL cards, just
in case you have forgotten, represent an "equal" number of contacts,
which if removed from your total, would greatly reduce your score.
I you have not learned it by now, you should know that if you only
work those that are "in the contest", you will not score well either.
Personally, I answer all QSL requests, regardless of how they were
requested.  I would like to think that those QSL cards could make
the difference in whether or not I get a contact from those stations
the next time they hear me, and IMHO. it is also a "courtesy", something
that is "severly missing" these days.  I also fail to understand how "we"
and spend $K's and countless hours building and making "our" station
as competetive as possible, then "complain" about the meager amount
of time and $, relatively speaking, necessary to return a QSL card,
especially when it is accompanied with an SASE and "return postage"!!

Shelby - K4WW

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