[CQ-Contest] WPX High-Claimed scores ??!!

thompson at mindspring.com thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 4 13:28:07 EST 1998

Pedro CT1ELP makes a very good request:
> Hello !
> The deadline for the log entries of the WPX SSB and CW contests
> has already ended. Why does it take so long to publish the
> High-Claimed scores ?
> If anyone knows about any web site where they might be accessible
> please send me an e-mail. I've already seen the WPX site and
> they are not there ! (wonder why ??!!)

First, If all the logs were received by the deadline it would be great BUT
THEY ARE NOT.   Logs can come in 3 months after with a valid before the date
postmark.   So at the end of 5 months the claimed scores are found and
sorted out then sent to CQ.  Usually for claimed scores to appear in the Nov
CQ (there they are gang) they must be to Gail at CQ by early September to
get into print for November.  There is little slack time between the
contests and the print deadline.  And CQ turns print around much quicker
than even 10 years ago.

All CQ sponsored contests must appear in print in the magazine before they
are posted anywhere.   Perhaps N8BJQ will put the claimed scores on his web
page or maybe the CQWW page or even the CQ page now that they are in print.

I do know that CQ France and CQ Spain print the claimed scores, too for more
print coverage.

ARRL now has a web page for results as was reported on the reflector in the
past week.

Please remember many subscribe to CQ for the contests...if CQ Communications
can't make money then there will be no contests.

Dave K4JRB
CQ 160 Contests Director

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