[CQ-Contest] Why CQWW scores "change"

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Wed Nov 4 13:33:00 EST 1998

> If so, what if XX9XX was running a pileup, answered and worked W3BG,
> but W3BGN *thought* he was the one being worked and logged the Q.
> W3BG needed XX9XX for a new one and that is the only QSO he
> worked...he even has a QSL card to prove it.  If, as you say, the
> QSO was removed from XX9XX's log and left in W3BGN's log, the wrong
> station is being penalized, no?

This is a good argument for removing the QSO from both logs, in my
opinion.  That is why we went to this in the Internet Sprint.  It
puts responsbility for getting information exchanged correctly 
upon both stations.

> While I do think it is an admirable goal to have accurate scores
> reported, I believe the CQ log-checking practices are overly
> aggressive.  I think they should lighten up...after all, it's just a
> hobby.

I really don't buy this line of thinking...  while there will always
be statistical possibilities of removing credit from the wrong log,
this isn't the major impact.  The simple fact is that sloppy logs
have a much higher error rate and their score gets adjusted for it.

You will probably always be able to find one or two cases where the
"wrong" thing happened...  just like during a NBA game.  But, these
are few, and probably a smaller number than other things that got
missed which could have been taken out.

Yes - it is only a hobby, but there are people working VERY hard
to try and improve the significance of the scores.  

73 Tree N6TR
tree at contesting.com

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