[CQ-Contest] Re: Contest QSLing (was VR98BG)

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Nov 5 12:48:38 EST 1998

At 12:06 PM 11/4/98 -0800, Ward Silver wrote:
>Mr. Brett is certainly taking it in the shorts...
>My encounters with him have been pleasant.  I *have* received the
>occasional QSL card, but in our eyeball QSOs he has bemoaned the load of
>QSLing versus operating versus working.  He never indicated that he
>wouldn't take on a manager...I don't believe the guy is pocketing the
>dough like some other well-known DX stations are wont to do.  I suspect a
>case of overload.
>The failure of good intentions is not the same as intentional larceny,
>even though it may look the same from the sender's end.

Well said, Ward.  We're often too quick to judge.

I'm trying a different approach... I find it far easier to QSL every unique
QSO (call, band and mode) "pre-emptively" than to plow through the boxes of
cards I get from the bureau and respond to each one individually.  I'm
surprised that folks like Brett don't do something similar, using the
bureau system to keep costs down.

By the way, Paul (KK4HD) at DX4WIN is working on a software routine that
will select the QSOs that meet this criterion automatically, and print QSO
data either on labels or directly on the QSL card.  It isn't quite finished
yet, but what a boon, once it's done.  Uusual disclaimer here -- I'm just a
satisfied user of DX4WIN.

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at contesting.com 

"That's WEST Virginia.  Thanks and 73"

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