[CQ-Contest] Major flares today

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 5 13:07:28 EST 1998

Wow, what a day for flares.  An M1, M2, and now an M8 event all in the 
last 8 hours.  The M8 event peaked at 1955z, however 2000z SFI numbers 
didn't seem to be overinflated, at 152.  Possibly higher later in the 

That's the good news.  The bad news is that there are big ejections en 
route that will impact the earth sometime between 2200z Friday and 1200z 
Saturday...yes that is right before this weekend's CW SS.

Major storming conditions forcast, my guess is possibly K=6 or 7 at the 
peak, and probably a nice aurora too.

All this means that things will be different for SS this weekend, keep 
your ears open for VE8/VY1 and KL7, because they won't be loud if this 
hits as hard as predicted.


David Jones, KK7GW   
kk7gw at hotmail.com

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