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> Guess that you should delete a class that you are not able to control
>  in any circumstances.

That should go for power limits, number of operators, etc? Why have a contest
rules at all, why have a contests, why have a speed limits, why to drive on
right hand side, .....?

For your information: I can always beat the clown with ten packets, by having
better antennas, and being better operator. Packet should not be allowed in
the contests at all. Contest is a competition of operators (or clubs), their
station, their skills/knowledge. Lets get this list mentality out of
contesting. It messed up DXing, we don't need it here. Just like fishing in
the aquarium, shooting animals in the ZOO, rounding up QSOs by army of
helpers, same "category". Are we competing in who gets better "helpers"? 
    One result of packeteering is that when rare multiplier shows up, it gets
hammered by never ending pileup and nobody works it. Back in old days,
stations would be coming in one by one as they were finding the rare one. The
rare one can work the pileup more efficiently, more stations get through. Now
when you get announced in Europe on the packet, you get never ending pileup of
"two letterers" "educated" on "W7PHO DX Family Hour" list net.
   Lets keep single operator to single person and not army of other operators
feeding via the packet network. I'd rather run on my own feet, rather than
being pushed by the packeteers in the wheelchair.
   73 de Single OP (but married with children)

Yuri Blanarovich, 

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