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Vernon Erle Ikeda vern at hamgate.concordia.ca
Wed Nov 11 14:25:16 EST 1998

   The Post Office changed the abbreviation from PQ to QC about
twenty years ago and I guess that many people are now using
QC as an abbreviation instead.   There is also a political
tie-in of sorts;  PQ is name of the provincial party that
has been advocating separtation from the rest of Canada, so I
think that the more neutral "QC" might more in vouge at the


On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Rex J Maner wrote:

> Maybe I'm all fowled up but when did
> PQ for  Quebec  become QC  , both VE2 stations I worked gave
> the QC and NA is set for that section, but  why the change??
>                                       Quack
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